color - Shouse 2006 1-1041 resamDeborah Shouse helps both newer and experienced writers make their fiction and non-fiction manuscripts stronger. She provides line editing, revising strategies and overall manuscript critique.  Depending on your needs, she highlights areas such as sentence readability, manuscript focus, visual writing, chapter flow, and more.

   “I had the distinct pleasure of working with Deborah Shouse. I canít say enough about the wonderful job she did editing, restructuring, and strengthening the chapters of my book. Her input and guidance helped improve the manuscript immensely. She seemed to know exactly what was missing and what needed to be changed. I feel fortunate to have worked with her, and I appreciate the encouragement she provided every step of the way. I recommend Deborah without qualification. Her sensitivity, diligence, energy, intelligence, and creativity made working with her a joy.”
     —Tom Bloch
     President and CEO, H&R Block (Retired) and author of “Many Happy Returns“

   “I have known Deborah for several years as a professional writer and community volunteer. I consider it a privilege to make this recommendation. Having worked with Deborah and observed her unwavering passion and commitment to the tasks she faces I know she would be an asset to any project she undertook. Deborah is an outstanding woman who exhibits exceptional writing skills and hard work. She is conscientious, pays attention to detail and meets her deadlines. She gives 110% or more. Deborah is always professional and would be an excellent writer, volunteer, ambassador etc.”
     —Dawn Oliver
     Executive Director, Women's Foundation of Greater Kansas City

   “Deborah Shouse did wonders. We spent five years writing, rewriting and editing an historical fiction manuscript. Neither of us had written fiction before, but we had a compelling story to tell set in an exotic location Ė the lives of those caught up in the 1938 Stalinist purge of Buddhism in Mongolia. The story won Best Book of 2008 honors in Mongolia where we live. Nevertheless, we knew we needed the help of a professional if we were to have a shot at succeeding in the tough US market. Thatís where Deborah came in. Not only did she line edit the manuscript superbly, she also helped us pare down its length and showed us how to avoid novice mistakes such as unnecessary point of view shifts and too much telling and not enough showing. We feel Deborah gave us an MFA in creative writing. And she did it all with humor and insight and lots of encouragement.”
     —Jeffrey Falt and Oyungerel Tsedevdamba
     Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

   “I hired Deborah to edit my last book. Her input was invaluable and the book has been a best seller. I will definitely hire her to edit my next book and would recommend her to anyone needing that kind of service.”
     —Dr. Darrel Ray, author

   “Deborah is a wonderful person to work with. She has helped me to rewrite and edit my novel. I hold Deborah and her craft in great admiration. I will find a literary agent, I am certain, because of Deborah's help editing my novel. She not only edited, she taught me how to edit my own work.”
     —Pamela Eglinski, author, She Rides with Chinggis Khaan

   “I have worked with many authors, actors, storytellers and creative individuals over the years and Deborah Shouse is one of the best! She gets to the heart of an issue. Her writing is true, emotional and insightful. Performing her original stories with Ron Zoglin, Deborah engages the audience, inviting them to see and feel her words. Her Love in the Land of Dementia performance, based on the true stories from her book, informed, moved and inspired me. After hearing Deborah and Ron, when you look around at the audience there will be people laughing, crying and feeling the love of these two talented individuals. If you have any doubt that you should book their act, buy their book and youíll be hooked.”
     —Rolland Love, Author and Motivational Speaker

   “Over the last ten years I have depended on Deborah for her expertise in writing and editing and especially for her knowledge on how to approach complicated writing projects. I trust her thoroughly and recommend her wholeheartedly.”
     —Pola Firestone
     BookWorks Publishing Marketing Consulting

   “Deborah Shouse helped me take a good manuscript and make it better. She added lively personal stories, tightened the focus, and strengthened sentences, all the while maintaining my voice in the text. She was flexible, easy to work with and conscious of our deadlines. It was a pleasure working with her.
     —Donna Rasmussen, author, Type II Attitude

   “I would wholeheartedly endorse Deborah Shouse’s critiquing service. As a first-time aspiring author, I was looking for a broad  range of support for my manuscript. I received everything I was looking for from Deborah: grammatical correction, advice on basic sentence, paragraph, and story  structure, as well as advice on flow and readability of dialogue and  prose. Even more importantly, I received valuable insight from Deborah into matters of plot and content.
   Deborah delivered a comprehensive review of all aspects of my manuscript in a competent and thoughtful manner. I appreciated her  honesty and insights, and strongly recommend her to anyone seeking editing services.”
     —Scott E. Eveloff, MD

   "Deborah Shouse  is the consummate professional. She is oh-so competent and completely ethical. I  strongly recommend her at every turn."
Mark  "Tenacious" Towers,
     Founder of Speak Out Seminars and author

   “What a delight  it has been to work with you over the years. Your skill in honing in on the purpose and intent on any project with which you are presented is so efficient and effective. You just seem to know the right questions to ask to lock on to my critical thinking path and invite my creativity to join in the process.  In a recent project, I brought you our rather sketchy story line and vaguely developed characters and overnight you breathed life into those characters and gave our story legs. This ability to capture the essence of our intent, our hopes and dreams for a project, a book, or speech is such a gift  of yours. I have already begun the process of creating what I believe is my life’s work and am so delighted you have agreed to guide me through this journey.
   Thank you  immensely,”
Kathleen  Smith. CPD,  INC.

     “When we selected Deborah Shouse to edit our book, we did so expecting her to be thoughtful, insightful and  invested in our success. We were  not disappointed. We balked, however, at her suggestion  that we might re-order our chapters. We were certain they were in the only logical order possible. After  considerable evaluation, we changed the order three times—she did know what she was talking about.
Teresa Stohs & Karen Elder  Hurst
     Savvy Sister

Deborah Shouse and Ron Zoglin
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