Everyday Heroes — A Keynote And Performance.

Everyday we are the heroes of many fascinating stories.  But often we don’t even notice.  We slide past our triumphs; we ignore our acts of courage and we downplay our insights.  EVERYDAY HEROES, a performance by Deborah Shouse and Ron Zoglin, invites you to see yourself and those around you as everyday heroes and inspires you to take an innovative and humorous look at the stories of your own life.

“Uplifting, insightful, heartwarming, and laugh-out-loud funny. I love these stories and the way Shouse and Zoglin tell them.”
          —Victoria Moran, author, Creating a Charmed Life
          New York City, New York


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“I wept as I listened to you two on KCUR today. Beautifully done.”
          —Linda Friedel


“Not everyone can get a message across effectively on radio, but you two certainly can! You both have such expressive voices. The program you presented on Central Standard this morning was absolutely wonderful -- clear, warm, and highly interesting.”
          —JO McDougall


“You put a stop to all my productivity this morning. I so enjoyed the story you and Ron read on KCUR this morning. I just sat down on the edge of my bed and listened.”
          —Jan Winston


“Wow..........Great story and the way you all tell it is a breath of fresh air.”
          —Bob Mayer


“I had a driveway moment yesterday as I came home from the grocery store. Your lovely essay about your dad kept me spellbound. What a beautiful way to honor and remember him.”
          —Niki Shepard

Deborah Shouse and Ron Zoglin
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