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The HERO ProjectThe  HERO Project invites creativity and communication between people with Alzheimer’s, their families, caregivers and others.

Using Personal Stories To Establish Relationships and Build Visibility At Work—An interactive workshop that shows participants how to make themselves and their communications more memorable by developing and using personal stories.

Charging Up Your Creative Energy—An interactive workshop that takes you beyond procrastination and into creative thinking.

Praise for Deborah and Ron´s Workshops
"Thank you so much for your hard work. We only heard rave reviews about your presentations."
             —  Jamie McNally, Conference Organizer, Kansas Occupational Therapy Ass´n

"This was the best afternoon session, ever! It was fun, engaging, connective and a wonderful interchange of ideas. I felt joyful and alive!"
             —  Mary Robles, Occupational Therapist

"It was wonderful how you engaged all of us, and taught us how to engage others especially through your use of humor."
             —  Jenni Halstead, COTA/L

Deborah Shouse and Ron Zoglin
(816) 361-7878