Using Personal Stories To Establish Relationships
And Get Visibility At Work.

Stand out more at work, build business relationships, and share information in a memorable way by adding your own stories into conversations, presentations and meetings.  In this experiential session, you’ll discover the elements of good personal stories, and practice adding drama and flair to your speaking.

“Experiencing Deborah and Ron’s storytelling workshop was the best time I have had in a graduate class in a long time.....what a powerful teaching tool stories can be.”

    —Participant, storytelling workshop


We were honored to work with United Way, contributing to their fundraising training with a brief session on the use of personal stories. It was inspiring to be around so many people who are dedicated to helping others.

"You condensed a day or two into 20 minutes! The information in those 20 minutes was critical to all our sessions."

    —Deborah Williams, United Way of Greater Kansas City, Speakers Bureau Trainings

Deborah Shouse and Ron Zoglin
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