Family Life and
Other Peculiar Habits

   The physicists say, “Everything is relative.” The psychologists say, “Everything is relatives.”
   Join us for a humorous and poignant session that celebrates those relatives and honors the unique, challenging and vital connections of the family.
   This series of stories will enliven your day and open your heart.

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  • A daughter learns, discovers there is far more to her father’s jokes than just the punch lines.
  • A granddaughter learns about the fabric of love.
  • A fantasy courtroom scene reveals the upside of sibling rivalry.

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     “The storytelling was spellbinding. I could listen to Ron  and Deborah for hours.”
             —Kevin Kelly, floral designer and  author of
             Letting the Lotus Bloom, the  Expression of
through Flowers

     “Deborah and Ron offer exactly what the world needs most: love, joy, creativity, and humor. I hope their work gets the recognition it so richly deserves. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to appreciate life and love more deeply.”
             —Rev. Robert Brumet, Chairman, Pastoral Studies
             Unity School of Religious Studies,
             Unity Village, MO


    “The series of true life stories presented by Ron and Deborah was superb. Their performance was wonderful, leaving each person in the audience hanging on their every word.”
             —Trevor Marriott, British Criminologist,
             Author, and Cruise Ship Lecturer

     “Ron and Deborah’s stories offer intimate descriptions of how seemingly little experiences can pack a powerful punch and message.”
             —Ron Roth and Clara Marin, Baltimore, MD
             Passengers on the Coral Princess


Deborah Shouse and Ron Zoglin
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