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        What audiences have to say…

“After hearing Deborah and Ron, I must tell you to Run, don’t walk to their next performance. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll buy the book.”
             —DeMar Regier, author

“Using original stories customized for your particular audience, Ron and Deborah captivate, inspire, and motivate their participants. Their audiences laugh, cry, discover new insights, and walk away with renewed energy and enthusiasm.”
             —Susan Fenner Ph.D., Manager,
             Education and Professional Development,
             International Association
             of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)

“Ron and Deborah’s 20 minutes of entertaining and insightful storytelling had more impact than many eight-hour workshops that I have attended.”
             —Reuben Siverling, Business Consultant,
             Rockhurst University

             —Manlio Matera, Co-founder of the
             Alzheimer’s Society of Florence, Italy


Deborah and  Ron opening the Defining Hope Conference

“The words ‘thank you’ hardly seem enough for the added layer of joy and tenderness you both  gave to each of us at Defining Hope. I know your performance touched the  hearts of everyone in the room. It was a beautiful introduction to a great  day. You are a ‘gift’ to all of us.”
             –Cindy  S. Miller
             Outreach  Coordinator
             Alzheimer’s  Association
             Heart  of America Chapter

Deborah Shouse and Ron Zoglin
(816) 361-7878